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I’m Marla Darwin. I’m a graphic designer from Manila, Philippines. I’ve been designing professionally since 2008 but I dabbled in some writing for publications within and in between jobs. From 2009-2011, I also ran and contributed monthly essays for an online magazine called New Slang, a collective for creative non-fiction. The site is still up in case you want to peer into what my millennial angst looked like in those years.

Then I got married and now I spend most of my time running my studio, Natural Selection Design Co. with my husband Joel.

This is where I write, put together creative projects, and chuck beautiful things from all over. I’ve been blogging since 2002 and was on the internet even earlier than that (since I was a wee 10- year old on Geocities). This is my latest incarnation and I hope I’ll be here a while.

I believe in ditching heels whenever you can, staying home on a Friday night, and confronting the things that scare you the most.


Photo by Bia Catbagan