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Lazy Mom Essentials (6 Months)


Selah is looking more and more like a toddler. I don’t really notice the changes until I compare them to what she looked like as a newborn. Her hair is a lot longer now and that’s the most obvious time marker. She’s twice her height and weight from birth. It’s only a matter of days or weeks until she outgrows her day napper. She’s also eight months old today, wow.

When she turned 6 months, there were so many magical milestones during that period. She learned how to pull herself up and how to sit herself up. A few weeks later, she learned how to crawl. Soon after, she learned how to safely disembark from our mattress. She also started eating solids! She has four teeth now! Four!

She also responds to songs and her favorite thing to look at is her reflection (she takes after her dad). I can’t get enough of hugging her and burying my face in hers. I can do more aggressive affection with her now and it’s awesome. She knows who I am and I know I’m her special person.

Baby-wearing is a godsend. Read more about it here. It’s very handy especially when you’re going to crowded areas with limited stroller space. We place Selah in it when we do the groceries and go to tight spaces like art fairs. She usually ends up passed out and that’s a testament to how comfortable and secure she feels. Baby carriers tend to be expensive but Boba is one of the more affordable brands we trust. It can get bulky and hot though, so for short jaunts out, I also recommend the Saya carrier. A friend lent hers and it takes some practice getting the hang of it. Once you’ve mastered it though,  it becomes second nature putting it on and it’s easy to stash in your bag.

We’re all about the onesies (those envelope folds are not decorative, guys!). Selah hates being bundled up. The only time we ever put her in full-on pajama getup was when we first brought her home and when we took her up to Baguio. At the same time, we also hate having to yank bottoms down to change her diapers. Now that she’s 8 months old, I’m happy to be singing praises about Mothercare’s body suits. They’re what Selah wears in the house. The 6 month size is what she’s worn from birth up to now! She’ll be outgrowing it soon but the quality and stretch of Mothercare onesies are hard to beat.

I prepared for the inevitability of making purees if baby-led weaning didn’t work out for us. Selah likes holding her food, but only if they aren’t sticky or slimy (except for pasta and cheese). This limits what I can give her and I wanted her to be able to try a lot of tastes. Pureeing allows me to combine fun and interesting flavors and Selah takes to it well. I enjoy making Selah’s food. She hasn’t eaten any commercial rice cereal or jarred food at all. My friend lent me her Baby Bullet and it makes the food making process a lot easier. If you’re interested in making your own baby food, read more about it here.

This isn’t a must-have but this was a good buy when I was so anxious feeding Selah for the first time. These spoons are so affordable and they have these shapes that prevent the baby from swallowing them. The design also makes sure that food doesn’t get pushed all the way out when the baby tries to reject it. I don’t use them anymore when Selah got accustomed to a regular plastic spoon but this was a good transition tool.

This was Selah’s first foray into solid food! Baby Mum-Mums are like rice cracker snacks and they’re great for exploratory eating and teething. It’s a fun way for Selah to practice holding and gripping. The rusks dissolve in your mouth so it’s also a good way to discover textures. This is a nice accompaniment to whatever you choose to feed your kid.

This to me is the perfect spoon and bowl set ever. The spoon can be stored on the lid and the bowl has a suction underneath. It’s so handy to travel with and it’s easy to clean. Now if only it came in cooler colors!

I have been salivating over this chair even before I got pregnant. You can even check my Pinterest boards. When I finally got my hands on it, I kept hugging it. I haven’t seen any convertible high chair as beautifully designed as this one. The chair ages with your child. I even sit on it and it’s comfy! I have a booster seat as well but the Tripp Trapp allows baby to start getting used to eating at the dinner table with us.

Sadly, babies do get sick of toys easily. I followed a friend’s suggestion by hiding most of it (we don’t have a lot) and then rotating what’s in her playpen so I can trick Selah into thinking she has new toys all the time. She has yet to form attachments to stuffed animals at her age though. Luckily there’s one toy that’s been able to hold her attention. These stack cups are a gift from one of my mom friends. They store flat in this cute lion case. I need to start researching more on toys. Joel wants to outfit Selah with a toy chest but I want to make sure they’ll be filled with stuff she’ll actually play with. It seems like we’re in the right direction with building toys.

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