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Most of my writing energy has been directed at my column at Preen. I’ve had offers to write for other publications but I felt I fit with the Preen brand the most. It’s one of many women-oriented websites but this one targets a younger demographic who grew up with the internet. It’s a demographic that prefers their content smart and funny — plus points if it speaks the language of meme and .gif’s. I don’t relate to most parenting and motherhood brands out there but that’s the curse of the millennial parent. We’re here to usher in a new generation of thought and provocation.


I Suck at Breastfeeding, But That Doesn’t Mean I’m a Bad Mom
My first article was lifted from one of my blog entries. I hope I can still maintain some writing in Darwin Dispatch. I plan to keep my more personal and lighter stuff in here.

My Baby Is Much Braver Than I Am
Here I talk about my anxieties as a new mom bringing my daughter out to interact with the world. In a way, this was also mirroring my struggle finding my voice as a parenthood columnist. I was summoning the courage to speak from my heart.

The Feminist Mommy’s Manifesto on Teaching My Kid to be a Better Person
There we have it. I finally found my stride when I started seeing the big picture. Feminist theory is a big part of my life and it occurred to me that it’s going to be a big part of Selah’s, too. My existence is this world is motivated by a desire to figure out how to leave it better. I found my voice in feminism and it continues to be one of the backbones of my belief system.

Why I Am Not Comforting My Child When She Cries
In the spirit of setting fires and provoking thought, I talk about crying it out in the context of road trips. By this time I realized that if my writing doesn’t push people to think, there’s no point in my writing. (By the way, we don’t cry it out at home. We co-sleep.)

4 Ways to Prepare for Work-From-Home Motherhood
More and more people I know work from home or are making the transition. It’s one of my favorite advocacies. Because of that, I wanted to paint a picture of how it looks like when you toss a baby into the mix. It will take for an amazing career opportunity to yank me out of the house, so for now, my life is really about balancing work, life, self, child, and marriage under the same roof.

Why I Am Letting My Daughter Choose Her Religion
Back to incendiary topics, I go! This post attracted the most trolls and the most affirmation. I wanted to shed light on another thing that means a lot to me. A lot of millennial and Gen X friends resonated with this. I’m a Christian but the way I see it, if you’re only in it because your parents are and have no intention to figure out faith for yourself, then don’t bother. It will be a shallow conviction.

What Happens to Your Marriage When You Have a Baby?
I wanted to take a break from trolls so I brought back the discussion to something everyone could relate to. So many mommy bloggers seem to be afraid to breech the topic of their marriages but it’s a huge foundation to family life. I for one, was so afraid of what would happen to Joel and me when we got pregnant.


I’m so thankful for Preen giving me this privilege. I’m committed to deliver the best that I can but writing like this is something I want to be doing all my life. I love having a column. The creative outlet and discipline are so good for my soul but it also enables me to have communion with people. I’m so grateful.

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