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Lazy Mom Essentials (3 Months)


So the “Fourth Trimester” is over. It’s amazing how much has happened in the last three months. I’m a full-fledged breastfeeding mama. All the pain and suffering I experienced in the early weeks feels like a distant memory now. I can’t imagine feeding Selah any other way and we’ve been able to feed at every place we find ourselves in. We have a daily routine now, how about that? Her yaya comes in at 8 am 6 days a week, and she takes care of her until 4 pm. Selah has one morning nap and one afternoon nap usually.

She’ll go down to bed between 8-10 pm and will wake up 2-3 times before she finally wakes up for realz at 6 am. I don’t have one those miracle babies who sleep through the whole night, but we’re doing ok. Sometimes we’ll get a fluke night and she decides to bless us for a 6 hour stretch or more.

I can go on and on about Selah departing the newborn stage but I think the items in my latest Lazy Mom list will help explain her milestones.

This is another beloved hand-me-down from my former boss. We don’t have a changing table so this mat comes in handle for the nappy changes we do on the dining table (which we will have to cease once Selah starts rolling over and she’s getting there!) or on the bed. Well basically it’s handy for diaper changes ANYWHERE. It’s a staple in our baby bag.

The Stokke Flexi Bath is a godsend for families who live in itty bitty apartments! Before a friend gave this to us, we were used to bathing Selah in a big basin. We’d store it in our shower stall and it was such a pain in the ass avoiding it over whenever it was our turn to bathe. This Stokke Flexi Bath tub folds flat and we get to stow it in our car easily whenever we need to travel with it.

I worship at the altar of multi-purpose products. Before Selah, I used Lucas Papaw for all my skin irritations, from chapped cuticles to minor cuts. I’m discovering now that I can use this with Selah as well. It makes for a fine diaper rash cream and an even better healing balm for whenever she scratches her face.

THE HOLY GRAIL OF BABY BOTTLES! Some breastfed babies are known to have some difficulties transitioning to bottles. I used to use a different brand and Selah would chug my expressed milk (7 oz. for my work day!) in two quick sittings. That’s just way too fast and with ordinary nipples, the milk had a tendency to dribble down her chin at every feeding. These Munchkin Latch bottles have vents that reduce airflow and these special nipples that slow the flow of milk. Milk will only come out if the baby suckles to mimic the way she does it with breastfeeding.

We only started using baby cologne after Selah’s baths when she turned 3 months old. I didn’t want her exposed to alcohol so early. Selah has a head thick full of hair and this poor baby accumulates so much sweat everyday. Sometimes she’ll smell so sour (haha, sorry, baby) and I was excited to finally get her to smell fresher. I grew up with Spanish baby cologne and no other scent can compare. I hate saccharine smells. Denenes cologne just smells so pure.

I’m not the sort of parent who drowns her kid in toys. I firmly believe that a baby’s favorite toy is you but it’s fascinating to see how a toy can be the only thing that will calm your kid down at certain situations. The first time we brought Selah to church, I was so afraid of her freaking out. I was prepared to feed her and Joel was ready to take her out of there should there be any “incidents.” As she was about to fuss, I brought out this rattle my cousin gave me and Selah was mesmerized for the remainder of the service. Selah likes things with friendly faces on them. I like this rattle because it gives off a soft shake shake sound — as opposed to a loud, clacky one that could drive me insane.

I love Baggu. I use their reusable bags for dirty clothes when we’re out. I’d buy out their entire inventory if I could for their simple designs and fun colors and patterns. Their zip bags are handy to compartmentalize your things in your baby bag. They use parachute material so it’s sturdy and lightweight. I put my breast pump in one of these whenever I need to pump outside of the house.

I have a bunch of animal toys on me (including well-loved Sophie the Giraffe) but Selah never singled out any of them until this knitted lion toy that was given to us. We named him Lionel (because he has the same hairdo as Lionel Richie) and Selah adores him (the toy, not the singer, but we’ll see). I mentioned earlier that she likes toys with faces and I guess she’s drawn to a simple stitched design. I use his soft, knitted arms to poke her cheeks and nose. When I’m too tired to entertain her, I hold up Lionel and Selah is smitten.

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