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Selah Rose, 09/20/15

It seems like Selah is settling down from the crazy growth spurt from last week. It lasted several days and it was during those moments that I badly wanted to pull my hair out. Growth spurts typically happen 5-6 times during the first year of a baby’s life. What happens is their bodies send cues to eat and eat and EAT. The absolute worst was when Selah kept wanting to be fed every 30 minutes. After a while I realized she was already as miserable as we were. The poor thing just wanted to rest and sleep but her body won’t let her. This made for a really cranky and upset baby.

This is my favorite picture of newborn Selah. She was two weeks old here and this was when I was about to feed her. She just looked so sweet and content to be with me. Her face is still changing but some features look like they’re there to stay. My family says she has my eyes and Joel’s nose. She definitely got my lean legs. She also has very long and delicate fingers and toes, all from me! She has Joel’s ears… and his drunk derpy face. Her rosy white skin is a mystery though and so is her wavy hair. It’s fun trying to figure out what physical features she inherited from the other members of her family. Staring into a baby feels like mapping your family tree.

She’s fast asleep right now behind me in her napper. I’m finally able to squeeze in some work. Last Saturday, I got to have my first dinner away from her with my high school friends. Joel then picked me up with Selah in her stroller. It was a mix of our old normal and our new normal coming together. We’re still taking it very slow but it’s nice to get a preview of what it will be like in the future when we build our confidence to move around as a family.

I may have broken down so many times but I marvel at how much of a good baby Selah is. She feeds really well (I nicknamed her Porky Pie during this last growth spurt) and will give us long stretches of sleep every now and then. She has a very gentle disposition. She still can’t see or hear much but she’s been giving us these radiant smiles. Over time, I’m seeing now that it isn’t so much about her becoming a better baby, it’s about us becoming better parents.


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