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Lazy Girl Pregnancy Heroes


I could give birth anytime now. I’m about to hit 39 weeks and I’m hoping this baby makes its way out around week 40 or week 41. The third trimester didn’t really have me feeling too nauseated but all the aches and pains of pregnancy showed up during this time! Foot pain, back pain, pelvic pain, leg pain! Now that I’m experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor pains), the desire to get comfy as much as I can amplified tenfold.

It’s the nerves around my legs that feel most of the lightning-like pain and I couldn’t be bothered with leggings or pants during the last trimester. I’m proud to report that I bought zero maternity wear throughout this pregnancy. I’m pretty fortunate that the weight I gained (all 35 pounds!) just concentrated itself on my tummy. Most of my wardrobe struggles involved hiding my stomach (Joel started calling me Violet Beauregard for a while and kept joking about rolling me). The two clothing pieces in this lazy girl uniform were stuff I wore before I got pregnant and adjusted quite nicely to my increasing size.

For the mommies trying to get their money’s worth in pregnancy clothing that can be used postpartum, go for stretchy jersey material. They’re not as polished as other fabrics, but they’re hard workers and are very versatile. I got a lot of compliments from family and friends about how I still remained chic and cute (yay, thank you!), but truth be told, it was only a matter of studying what works for my body and accessorizing well. Hope this little list helps!

I wear mine almost everyday. I’ve been a fan of Birkenstock since high school and I find that it’s the only sandal that gives amazing arch support. My main exercise is walking and when you have swelling feet, sneakers can be a bit too much. These sandals have been having a fashion resurgence lately (with no signs of dying, ha) and they’re a nice update for us folks who are always decked out in basics.

I love this dress so much! People won’t be able to tell you’re pregnant in the first few months because of how the skirt flares from your upper waist. Then when the belly gets too big to hide, the flared skirt shows it off in a cute way.  I’m pretty proud of my arms so the sleeveless styles are the ones I get.

To prevent myself from looking frumpy, I used a denim jacket as my primary coverup this year. It gives a structured form to balance all the flowy fabric underneath. And denim goes with everything!

One of the unexpected beauty perks you get from the pregnancy hormones is shiny, thick hair! Unfortunately for me, the new texture confounded me and I gave up all efforts trying to style it (my favorite go-to is dyeing my hair brown but hair dye = bad.) If my hair isn’t in a ponytail or in a long bob, I tuck it under a bucket hat. It makes my hair look neat with a few behaved strands peeking out. Bucket hats are also very light weight and I just keep it stuffed in my bag for my bad hair days.

Like a true lazy girl, I’m very lazy with my makeup. On days that I feel like trying, I just use BB creme, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and lipstick. If I don’t feel like trying, it’s already enough for me to just do my lips. It’s the easiest pick-me-up when I’m feeling yucky. I’m a red lipstick girl and my go-to is Mac Ruby Woo. Mac matte lipsticks can feel overwhelming and cakey for everyday use though, so my lazy alternative is NARS Cruella. It still gives me that cheerful, cheeky red without the heavy feeling. It applies effortlessly and the pencil style allows me to line my lips properly. If I’m not in red, I love a light plum and my choice is ’90s favorite Clinique Black Honey.

I bought this skirt three years ago on a whim and barely wore it. I like my bottoms looking tailored so this skirt sat in the back of my cabinet for the longest time. Now I wear it all the freaking time. It’s stretchy so it grew with me as my waist line broke the 40 inch marker. I pair slouchy sweaters, oversized t-shirts, and chambray button downs over this thing.

This Converse girl had to mature somewhat and I bought my first pair of Supergas a few years back. It’s one the chicer sneaker brands out there. It also happens to have good arch support and believe me, it’s all a pregnant lady could ever want when her feet feel like they weigh a hundred pounds each.

You can believe me or not, but before getting pregnant, I was wearing an E Cup bra. I’m a girl that needs support and my attempts to stay at one consistent size during this pregnancy was futile (read: goodbye, my wired lacy bras!). I loaded up on wireless bras and they have been such a blessing. The ones I got from Debenhams have wired bands so I was still able to get some support somewhat. These bras also yank down easily and can be used as nursing bras eventually. Another bra hack: buy extenders if it’s only the bands of your old bras that got too small. They’re insanely cheap in department stores.

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