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Happy Anniversary


May 2010, Photo by Stephen Reed

We’ve been together for five years and married for four, as of today. We’ve been best friends for eight years.

If I can reduce what I feel into one essential thought, it would be this: he makes me a braver person. I can stand in a room with hundreds of people to deliver a speech and if I know he’s in the crowd, that’s all I need to know to get through with it. I can travel anywhere in the world if he’s by my side. I present my work better when he’s there. I take for granted how much he’s been a fixed point in my life with everything. With every example I can think off, a bunch of others mushroom too easily in its wake.

As he gets older, I feel so proud of the guy he’s turning out to be. I start my day seeing him bent over his bible and jotting down entries in his journal. I end it with him holding my hand in bed and saying a quick prayer. Over time I’m realizing that he anchors me so well because he tries very hard to be anchored as well.

I never thought I’d see the day where I would have marriage and babies lined up in my future. When he came along, it just became the most natural thing. We’ve had a good run as a twosome. And I know the courage he gives me will be enough for us to be a family very, very soon.

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