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Lazy Girl Essentials (Summer)


I’ve been dying in this heat. I’m beyond thankful I’m on my second trimester. I can’t imagine dealing with this humidity while going through morning sickness or waddling around full term. It’s even more difficult remembering the times I used to commute to work in the summer. I’ll never get sick of rejoicing in working from home because it has spared me so many times from unbearable weather conditions.

This guide can’t even bother with beauty recommendations because my skin and hair can’t stand having anything on it. (I should get my hands on sunscreen though, eep) Apart from blasting the A/C  at night and taking frequent showers, these are some of the little treats that I’ve been indulging in to get through the day:

I never leave the house without mine these days. Pregnancy has made me extra dehydrated so I wasted no time in shelling out for the nicest water container out there. I picked Klean Kanteen because it came in really cute colors. I do my refills at restaurants and coffee shops and it’s been saving me a lot of money. Plus, I never use disposable cups anymore.

My scalp has been very picky with shampoos lately so I tried using something that didn’t have harsh chemicals. What surprised me was the lovely lavender scent I chose and it became the highlight of my bath time.

Hohoho! There was no way I would ever give up my striped shirts and when the weather made it tougher to go out in pants, I just bought the dress version of my beloved closet staple.

I bought my first pair of Jack Purcells! Pregnancy has made my feet swell from long periods of walking and I have to be extra picky with my shoes now. My sneakers are back in active rotation. All my other ones are dark colored and looking at them already made me feel sweaty, hence this fresh pair of white ones.

An ex-boyfriend introduced me to them when he got me a pair as a present from a trip to Israel. My in-laws trek to the Holy Land every two years and I requested for a pair of these sandals during their last trip when my old one finally died after many years. They go with everything and the wide foot area accommodates my pregnant swelling feet so well.

I always had a casual relationship with milk tea. I didn’t understand how my friends could get addicted to it. Cue in pregnancy and ridiculous cravings and my addiction finally got activated. Schlurp is a local brand that uses tea leaves and doesn’t have any preservatives — it always tastes so fresh with the right amount of sweetness. I’m going to step out and buy one after I write this entry. If you’re out there, Schlurp people, I’m willing to write and gush about you in exchange for boxes of your wintermelon milk tea.

I learned how to make them and it’s been a staple for breakfast. The spinach-banana-mango combo I do tastes really good and it’s been helping me get the fiber and nutrient content that’s lacking in my diet.

Friends have been asking if I have any strange food cravings. I haven’t been craving for any food item in particular but I have a debilitating hankering for sweet dairy products. I took it out on root beer floats for a while then Joel wised up and started keeping root beer and thick vanilla ice cream in our refrigerator.

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