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Lazy Girl Uniform (Winter)


I’ve been travelling these last three weeks and this is my first breather in a while. Joel and I did a week in New York City, then bused it to Portland, Maine, squeezed in one more night in New York, bused it again to Pittsburgh, and now we’re finally in my husband’s (second) hometown Wayne, Pennsylvania.

I still have another three weeks to go and in between all my rumination, I have become too aware of the fact that I’ve been rotating the same set of clothes day in and day out. Since we were visiting a bunch of cities, Joel and I had to pack really light and squeezed clothes (his and hers) for a month and a half into one check-in luggage and one carry-on. It felt like lugging around two hippos (one momma and one baby) and we dragged those things across stairs, subway platforms (from Brooklyn into Manhattan, people!), bus stops, Amtrak stations, and down many, many long stretches of sidewalks. Then add my purse, Joel’s satchel, and two fat neck pillows.

I’ve been wearing the same clothes. It’s been bothering me for a bit but this exercise in paring down my wardrobe has revealed my sartorial all-stars. I only packed clothes for one week and have relied heavily on the cold weather to kill smells — plus doing laundry! I’m not yet that barbaric to skip doing the laundry, but I have skipped putting on deodorant many times, heh (yay, winter!). Sans the coats and the thermals, these pieces also comprise my Manila uniform and if I were to make the summer edition of this, you’ll still see some familiar faces.

I love having a uniform! It really appeals to someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of closet space and doesn’t really like sticking out in a crowd. It cuts down my getting-ready time because everything goes together and I can just mix and match. Back home, I have maybe three weeks worth of clothes that I have on a healthy rotation. It’s great knowing that when reduced to one week’s worth, my wardrobe still pulls through. Here’s an incomplete list:

1 Striped Shirts, Uniqlo
You can never own too many of them.

2 Oxford Shirts, Mango, Eddie Bauer
They’re very forgiving for the girls who don’t know how to iron and they clean up any outfit.

3 Knit Sweater, Uniqlo
These sweaters are the best for that cozy and nonchalant look. They look great layered over the oxford shirts.

4 Skinny Jeans, Uniqlo, H&M
The high-waisted ones get a lot of love for whenever I pig out and my love handles are raring to poke out. Doomsayers have been calling for the death of the skinny jean, but whatevs, the silhouette is a new classic and they keep me warm.

5 Boyfriend Jeans, Roxy
Like I said, I like to eat. These pants are also what I wore for the 24-hour flight getting here. Roxy has amazingly soft denim.

6 Fur Hood Parka, borrowed (picture is from Madewell)
I don’t really travel to cold places often so I outsourced a lot of my winter wear from friends. (I love you, friends! Thank you so much!) The parka I borrowed is fur-lined and has the perfect pockets to burrow my hands in.

7 Kitty Beanie, borrowed
My friend tossed this beanie in when she lent me her pea coat. It’s for days where I don’t want to be so serious — which is most days.

8 Pea Coat, borrowed (picture is from H&M)
A pea coat is great for dressier events. I try to mimic Charlotte Gainsbourg in it but I up looking like a homeless soldier most of the time.

9 Pancake Beanie
Make sure to get a really thick one! Mine isn’t so thick and it was useless against the Maine wind chills. I didn’t realize my ears were a vulnerable spot.

10 Wing-tipped 16-Hole Boots, DR. Martens
My pride and joy! I bought these burgundy beauties in a thrift store in Baguio and they can withstand ice and sludge. The wing tips give it a dapper touch!

11 Sneakers, Converse
I’ve been living in them since high school. Don’t make the mistake of wearing them when it rains and it’s freezing cold though.

12 Tassel Penny Loafers, G.H. Bass
I like wine-colored shoes! I like going sockless in these on warmer days.

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