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Icon: Bianca Jagger

Solange got married last week and like the internet, I was floored with her outfit and her wedding entourage. Her white suit reminded me of another bride in a mind-blowing blazer and trousers combo. I can still see Bianca Jagger’s ensemble at her St. Tropez wedding to Mick Jagger — we know the picture so well. When I see white suits, I think of Bianca Jagger.

She’s now known as a human rights activist but most people remember her as a jet-setting party girl in the ’70s and the ’80s. She was one of Andy Warhol’s muses and was a fixture at Studio 54. I like her because she is so FIERCE. Joel called me out on the fact that I have a thing for women with stunning jawlines, but more than that, I have a thing for women of rock n’ roll. They all look so glamorous and nonchalant smoking their cigarettes and sleeping in tour buses. Bianca Jagger’s halter dresses, Halston gowns, and wide brimmed hats are the stuff of legend.

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest (I hate citing Pinterest! But a lot of pictures are “user-uploaded”) / The Huffington Post
 The Zoe Report / Boho Gypsy Girl Harper’s Bazaar






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